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Bjørn Arne Berge

Cyber Security, Corporate Governance

Bjørn Arne has more than 27 years of experience as a consultant in IT and Management Consulting. He has extensive experience from major digital transformation projects in the public and private sectors, as well as many small and medium-sized IT strategy, security and technology projects. Bjørn Arne has worked for large public agencies and large companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Among other things, he has led large projects in the public sector, banking and finance and telecommunications and has contributed in all phases from solution concepts to profit realization. In the period 2008-2011, Bjørn Arne headed Accenture's Department of Security and Risk in Australia, where he was responsible for a number of major projects in security with specific experience in I&AM, risk assessments, uncertainty analyzes (qualitative and quantitative) security strategy, implementation, security methodology and security tests. Bjørn Arne is known for quickly acquiring a very good understanding of the challenges that customers have and uses this knowledge to solve technical and functional challenges to the best of their customers. Bjørn Arne has in-depth experience from process and functionality work for professional and support systems in public administration, and modernization in both infrastructure, software portfolio and core business. Through extensive experience, he has acquired specialized expertise in estimating and executing large and complex projects, both local and spread over several time zones, and with gain realization over several years through increased digital management. Bjørn Arne has long and varied experience in managing events and a larger program, both with local resources and with resources in different countries and time zones. He has good experience of needs mapping, requirements and overall goals and strategy. Bjørn Arne has worked extensively with technical architecture work in large companies, both public and private in a number of countries. He has deep technical expertise but also the ability to work on a conceptual level. He is known as an international expert in IT strategy, technical architecture and in the security domain.

+61 414 780 062

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