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Tor Jomar Nordhagen

Cyber Security

Tor Jomar is a senior advisor with extensive national and international experience from digital solutions programs, both in the public and private sectors. In his engagements, he has held roles as CIO / management team, as well as project / program manager, architect, solution manager and quality control manager. Tor Jomar's broad experience in building teams, setting goals, and delivering on goals has proven useful not only in planning and delivering large transformation programs according to plan and budget, but also for smaller analysis projects and strategy work, where the requirements for rapid problem solving and defining opportunities are strong. Digital solutions require insight into the modernization of ICT architecture and infrastructure, but also the knowledge of changes in core processes and user experience, as well as risk perception. Our customers find that increasing digitization combined with ever-faster changes in the risk picture presents challenges in measuring gains against an understandable and acceptable level of risk. Tor Jomar's long experience in security and architecture combined with a strong work ethic helps our clients to set a strategic direction for ICT efforts and deliver according to the strategy. One example of Tor Jomar's ability to solve challenges over time is a Norwegian government document management solution, where he has been a security architect for over 10 years. From pilot in 2002 and production setting in 2003 focused on business reporting, the solution has been developed to support many processes in public digital management, including for individuals as well as with increasing support for authentication mechanisms and delegation. The largest rebuild was made in 2007/2008, according to the philosophy given in the report "NOU 2006: 6. When safety is most important". Today, the solution is an essential component of Norway's digital public administration. Tor Jomar's security experience began with the Army School of Commandery in 1985, and has been an inspiration for ever-deepening through NTNU, and establishing security departments for Accenture first in Norway, and then the Nordic region. From 2003, Tor Jomar established international security departments for Accenture, first in Australia, then in Singapore in 2005, and took Asia Pacific responsibility for network and security in the period 2005-2008 as well as global responsibility for collaboration with Sun Microsystems, in a joint venture organization called " Mammoth ”until Sun Microsystems was purchased by Oracle. After more than 20 years as a professional security consultant, Tor Jomar is still passionate about this field.

+47 916 27 786

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